In A Flash: Alberta Enters Final Stage of Reopening – What Employers Need to Know

June 28, 2021

From our partners at Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP:

Alberta will enter Stage 3 of the provincial government’s Open for Summer Plan on July 1, 2021. Stage 3 is Alberta’s final stage in its reopening plan and will result in nearly all current COVID-19 related public health restrictions implemented by Alberta Health being lifted.

While this is welcome news for Albertans, it is important to note that COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Therefore, employers planning to return to “business as usual” should be prepared for ongoing health safety, human resources, accommodation, and other issues as they begin to recall employees back to the workplace.

The team at Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP has prepared insights as to what this could mean. To read the full article click here.



We are proud to announce Merit’s Mental Health Strategy.

This program will keep mental health at the forefront for Merit members, their employees, and families.

We have made available to our members resources to assist in navigating mental health issues in the workplace and at home.