McLennan Ross: COVID-19 Update

May 29, 2020


Alberta Class Actions in the COVID Era


The COVID-19 pandemic has created severe challenges for countless individuals and businesses alike. Many of these challenges are significant, widespread and have been devastating, economically and otherwise. These challenges have spawned COVID-19 related class actions and it is likely that many more such actions will follow in the months to come. COVID-19 related class actions can possibly threaten the existence of your business or the business of your clients and insureds. Please join Don Dear, Q.C. and Don McGarvey, Q.C. for a webinar on Alberta Class Actions in the COVID Era and how to effectively defend them.


Topics they will explore include:

  • What is a Class Action?
  • Effective Defence Strategies for Class Actions.
  • COVID-19 Related Class Actions filed to date.
  • What does the future hold for COVID-19 Related Class Actions?


Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM (MST)

Cost: Complimentary

Date: June 18, 2020

Corporate Commercial Securities Group Update

Updated: COVID-19 Federal Economic Relief Measures

Updated as of May 25th, our comprehensive article covering the support measures announced by the Federal Government that we believe will be most relevant to our clients.

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Energy Environmental  & Regulatory Group Update

Alberta Energy Regulator Suspends Environmental Monitoring Due to COVID-19

On May 20, 2020, the Alberta Energy Regulator (“AER”) announced sweeping temporary suspensions to environmental monitoring requirements across Alberta’s energy industry. The suspensions are a follow-up to the Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister of Energy’s earlier suspensions to certain environmental reporting requirements.

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Labour & Employment Group Update

ABTraceTogether: Contact Tracing App in the Workplace

The Alberta government recently released its mobile contact tracing app (“ABTraceTogether”) which is intended to assist with determining whether a user has been exposed to COVID-19 and with locating others who have been exposed to a user who contracts COVID-19. The app uses a smartphone’s Bluetooth to keep an anonymous log of other app users with whom the infected individual has been in close contact (defined as within approximately 2 meters).

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Alberta Moves Forward with Relaunch Efforts


On May 14, 2020, Alberta implemented the first stage of the province’s three-stage relaunch strategy, allowing some businesses to reopen and resume operation. However, the Government of Alberta announced that, under the first stage, businesses operating in Calgary and Brooks will be subject to a separate, staggered relaunch.


On May 25, 2020, businesses in Calgary and Brooks covered by Stage 2 of the staggered relaunch are able to reopen and resume operations.

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Legally Speaking: A COVID-19 Blog – McLennan Ross Regular Updates


Your regular rundown of the latest government mandates related to COVID-19, what we anticipate in the next few days, and our advice for how to navigate these changes.


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Wills & Estates Practice Group Update

A Wrench in the Ability to Witness Wills Remotely

Alberta’s Justice Minister proclaimed Ministerial Order 39/2020 on May 15, 2020, which permitted the remote witnessing of Wills. However, as the Wills and Estates Bar has started putting the remote witnessing of Wills into practice, it was discovered that the M.O. has one serious deficiency: it does not specifically authorize the signing of Wills in counterpart.

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Bill 7: Alberta Government Aims to Set Deadlines for AER Project Approvals

On Wednesday, the Alberta Government tabled Bill 7, the Responsible Energy Development Amendment Act, (“Act”). If passed, the Act would allow Cabinet to specify time limits for the review and approval of energy projects by the Alberta Energy Regulator. Bill 7 is intended to provide project proponents and other applicants with greater certainty as to approval timelines.

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Timeline of an Estate: Tax and Other Considerations

Being entrusted to be an Executor is an honour – it means that the deceased believes that you are the best suited person to manage and care for their estate. However, the position also comes with legal responsibilities and liabilities. The “job” of an Executor can last from a year or more, with or without contentious beneficiaries.

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New Trust Reporting Requirements: It’s Almost Time

Budget 2018 announced, and Budget 2019 confirmed, that trust reporting requirements are changing in 2021. While it may have felt far away at the time, 2021 is now almost upon us. If they have not already, it is time for trustees to start thinking about the implications of these changes. They need to ask themselves, are the benefits of a trust worth the effort and risks?

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